Mission and Values

Our Mission

Related by faith to The United Methodist Church, Louisburg College is committed to offering a supportive community that nurtures young men and women intellectually, culturally, socially, physically, and spiritually. As a two-year residential institution, we provide a bridge for students to make a successful transition from high school to senior colleges and universities.

Teaching Philosophy

The faculty at Louisburg College has dedicated themselves to the success of every student. Teaching and advising, not research, are our professors' primary responsibilities. Our dedicated faculty provide individual assistance, ensuring that each student is academically prepared to meet major four-year college and university requirements. Faculty members keep generous office hours, and most provide home phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You will not find graduate students teaching classes at Louisburg College only caring and concerned faculty members.

Alma Mater

(Sung to the tune of "Austria"  by Franz Joseph Haydn)

Alma Mater, shelt’ring college
Thou hast been our guiding friend,
From thy fount of flowing knowledge
We would drink until the end.
Be thy children’s inspiration,
Glowing light to cheer and guide;
Stand, Old College, Alma Mater,
Through the changing years abide.

Greater love and veneration
Be thy portion, Mother dear;
May each coming generation
Bring rich gifts thy heart to cheer,
May thy stalwart columns heavenward
Ever point the way of life.
Stand, Old College, Alma Mater,
Through the changing years abide.